About Me

I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas with my husband of almost 10 years & my two precious kiddos.  I'm a work-from-home mom.  I have worked on & off as a professional organizer.  Lately I have been focusing on blogging & social media.  Currently, I work with Social Fabric, Clever Girls Collective & Social Spark

The most important thing in this world to me is Jesus Christ & His work in me.  I want to honor Him with every single breath of my life & I want to see His Name made great in every corner of the earth.  What that means for me personally, right now, is being a light for Him where I stand in my current situation; as a wife & a mom & a member of my community.  Being a mom can feel very small sometimes, but I trust that the LORD sees everything & will use the seeds I plant in my little family to bring change for good in the world 1,000 fold.

This blog is my creative outlet.  I started it in 2009 right after my daughter was born to have a link to the outside world-  as I stayed home with her.  I write from the overflow of my life.  That is why I called it Creative Outpour.

I love being a member of the online blogger community & I love connecting with people.  If there's anything you ever want to chat about, if I can be an encouragement to you in some way, if I could pray for you about something or if there is a cool idea you have for a post, send me an email because I'd love to hear from you!!


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