Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shared Girls' Bedrooms

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Pottery Barn Kids

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Exquisite Design


Pottery Barn Kids


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It's fun to dream.  If you have a really cute shared girls' room,
Email me  a pic & I would love to share it here with our readers!!

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A few weeks ago, we found out we're expecting again!  So, for all the nausea & fatigue, I haven't gotten around to posting anything!  My apologies.  If you would indulge me, what is on my mind right now is the fact that we will soon have 2 children, and possibly, 2 girls.  I shared a bedroom with my sister growing up and we are still close to this day.  I would love that for my daughters, if I end up with another lovely girl.  It's got me thinking about all the cute bedroom ideas!

This is the image I get:

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  1. Love them all!!! Where's the boys rooms? -Naty



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