Friday, November 8, 2013

5 on Friday!

I'm linking up this week with 5 on Friday!  You should too!  Click the icon above to be included.  Here's my random 5:

1)  Have I mentioned my kids mad love for pom poms?

2) Toms Deodorant does NOT work.  This is the second or third time I've purchased it when Wal-Mart was out of my usual natural deodorant & I might as well have just sprayed perfume under there.  Ha!

The one that really works is:

They almost always have it at Wal-Mart & it works really well.  Also, it smells amazing without being too strong.

3)  Looking for a dry shampoo that works amazing?  This is the one I use.  I got it from Amazon:

I chose this one by literally doing a search online for the best dry shampoos.  This one was well respected.  It works very well & even looks good the following day sometimes!  Another cool thing about it is gives you a lot of body at the root; which I love because my hair is FLAT without a lot of love.

4)  Looking for a great devotional for your kiddos (think toddler/preschool)?

We have loved this one & I just noticed they have made another one:

Such sweet simple truths.

5)  Birth is amazing & it is always a blessing to watch your close friends become a parent.  One of my closest friends had twins after a long infertility battle.  We waited for the babies at the hospital for hours & hours.  We fell asleep waiting on them & eventually had to leave at (1am) because they hadn't come yet.  I loved getting share that with her & her family.

Sweet friend.  Looks at these two precious babies:

Happy Friday y'all!  Make it a good one!

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