Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Protein is My Secret Weapon!

The biggest obstacle for me, in eating less food, is that I feel hungry.  Which is especially a problem when I feel stressed, hormonal, or stay up too late & get the munchies.  I knew it was important to eat protein for a healthy diet, but I've never been all that into protein.  
I freaking love carbs.  

Lately though, I've been keeping better track of what I'm eating & trying to take in less.  So, I've been adding protein to help curb my appetite.  Then, I added WAY more & didn't even use up all my calories.  Woo hoo!  Protein is my new secret weapon.

I've stocked up on 2 different kinds of protein powders (to add to my smoothies), greek yogurt, tilapia, a couple different types of protein bars, tuna, oatmeal, eggs, all kinds of stuff.  It is totally helping me!  

Then, I pair those proteins with fruits, vegetables & some grains & I don't feel the need to eat so many carbs. I can eat less, but feel more full.  

So, I'm making it my business to find out which foods are the highest in protein.  That way I can make sure I'm getting enough to be satisfied & calm about food.  

Here's a little cheat sheet of some great high protein foods: 

I like to make cute little graphics to encourage myself.  It makes me happy.

Are you working toward a more healthy lifestyle?  What efforts are you making?  What's working for you?  I'd love to hear about it!  Email me!

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