Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Katie's Dress-Up Bag

This week I came up with a solution for the large pile of dress-up clothes/gear on Katie's floor that I mentioned here & here.  I was trying to think of something she could open & close easily, so she could take full ownership of it.  After much digging on Pinterest, I decided to sew her a huge drawstring sack!

sewing tutorial, storage

It was super easy to make.  

1)  Take 2 yards of fabric.  I used duck cloth.  

2)  Fold it in half wrong side out & sew up the 2 sides

3)  Fold over the top twice leaving a pocket big enough for the width of the strap you're going use or make

4) Turn your bag right side out

5)  Make a slit to allow for you to insert the strap on the right side of the pocket you've made & sew around the edge of the slit to make it strong & finished.

6)  I used a ribbon for my strap.  Make sure it is long enough to cover the width of the opening when the bag is all the way open.  You should leave just a little extra than that.

7)  Pin a large safety pin through the end of each end of your strap or ribbon, so that you can thread it through the pocket more easily.

8)  When you have both ends out, sew the 2 ends together & you're done!

EASY as pie!

It's pretty easy for Katie to open & close by herself (which she loves).

She's had a lot of fun playing with it all so far...

This week Holly worked on organizing jewelry!  That girl is so cute.  Check out her post here.

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