Monday, September 23, 2013

I Want to Be a Fit Mama!

I've gotten off track lately.  I have a really hard time being consistent with my fitness & health in general.  I get excited about it.  I get into it for awhile, but then I always fizzle out.  So?  New strategy!  Accountability.  I would like to share my journey with you as I attempt to become more consistent & healthy. My hope is that in knowing these details will be read, it will motivate & encourage me to press on.  Maybe it will also motivate & encourage you?  That would be extra awesome.

So, I'm going to be transparent with you.  I'm going to tell you everything I eat!  I'm going to tell you if I exercised or not.  I'm even going to tell you how much I weigh!!!  I want to improve my life & that requires change.  It requires effort & a willingness to do things that are uncomfortable to me.  I'm open to that because I get excited about what's on the other side of that:

Feeling comfortable in my own skin; my clothes
Having more energy (for me & my family)
Setting a good example for my children

With that being said, I weigh 133.6.  That puts my BMI at 24.4 (You can calculate yours here).  It's just a hair under the overweight category, but it's the most I've ever weighed outside of pregnancy/post-pregnancy.  I feel the most comfortable weighing about 110 & in a size 2.  So, that's where I'd like to be, but I also realize that being fit is about more than a number on a scale or clothing size.  It's the choices we make that lead to our health & well-being.

So, I plan to log what I eat with the Lose It! app on my iPhone.  Here's a copy of my food log for today:

I also plan to get some sort of exercise each day.  Today I started with the popular Insanity workout program.  I did the first little Fit Test.  I made it through 15 of the 25 minutes & about dropped dead!  Not really, but it was very hard.  I'm not intending to promote this program, but my husband had purchased it awhile back, so we already had it.  I also have known a few people who enjoyed good results with it, so I thought I'd give it a try.  

I'm also taking my vitamins, drinking water, getting sleep & attempting to reduce stress in my life.

I will not do this perfectly.  I will make mistakes, but I feel hopeful about the benefits of focusing on health for my life.

Does this resonate with you?  I would love to hear what you have to say about your own process.  Feel free to email me anytime.  I'd love to hear from you!

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