Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 5 FTW!!!

Hey y'all.  I must say, today was a turning point for me!  Today was the first time I actually made it all the way through the workout!  I still had to take breaks & modify here & there, but I made it to the end!  Also, I felt stronger & more flexible.  It gets better!!  Yesssssss.

Here is what I ate today.  It was pretty awesome for a diet menu.  Pizza Pasta casserole & a crescent roll for dinner.  M&Ms, popcorn, chocolate cake, 2 cups of coffee.  Not bad.  It feels like I'm cheating a little, but really I just ate less of the yummy food.  

I have an addendum to the above menu.  I ate a mini grill cheese sandwich using those extra calories & it was good.

Until tomorrow!

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