Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Floor Pillows Completed!

Remember the floor pillows I was working on?  I finally finished them for our church's infant room in our new location! 

They were super easy to make.  I also made the little cloud rugs.  How I made them:

I used faux fur fabric & traced a cloud shape onto the back of it using a dinner plate as a stencil.
Then, I used Fray Check on the edges to keep them from fraying.  I will say they were very furry:

So, word to the wise, shake them out & vacuum these guys before you use them to rid them of all the excess fur.

 I let the kids try them out before I brought them to the church:

Umm, they loved them.  Looks like I'll be making some more for our house!


  1. We are watching you! RJ and JJ

  2. I do remember your last post. It looks really good that you finally finish your job and make some designer and gorgeous home made cushions for floor. I also like them a lot and love your work.
    Keep it up!!!

    1. Thanks a lot! Do you think you will attempt to make some?

  3. I fell inlove with these giant floor pillows! They looks so comfy and fluffy!


  4. Do you have a tutorial for the floor pillows?

  5. how much material did you use and how many bags of stuffing? I love these

  6. I love your floor pillow and would love to make one for my granddaughter. Do you have a pattern I can purchase? Thanks so much! Joyce Powers

  7. Do you have a tutorial for the floor pillows?

  8. i too would LOVE, A TUTORIAL,or if you have considered making and selling? i could really use these for sleepovers. my husband is not well , and our daughter who is 11, used to would spend the night friends but since her daddy is ill she will no longer go spend the night with others but wants them o come here. 11 yr old girls spread everywhere these would be a blessing !

  9. Hi! I make monsters out of faux fur, and work with the stuff every day, so if you ever use faux fur again, I suggest cutting just the backing carefully, and as you do so, grab the fur that's shedding with your non cutting hand, and put in the trash. This way you'll keep the fur contained in the trash, and not all over you. I've never looked as furry as you do! :) I'm not even sure how you managed that! Good luck!

  10. I am wondering what kind of stuffing you used in the floor pillows?



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