Monday, June 10, 2013

Joey & Rory Concert via Kraft Food Truck

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Today, I was working with Kraft Food Truck.  They sent me to see the country duo Joey + Rory at the Wal-Mart Shareholders event.  I had never heard of them before this shop, but I am now in love.  They had written a lot of songs I'd heard before by other artists like, "Some Beach" by Blake Shelton, "The Truth about Men" by Tracy Byrd & "A Little More Country Than That" by Easton Corbin.

I just loved them!  They are so talented, but also so down to earth.

I seriously have one of the most fun jobs ever.  I got paid to go see this free concert & eat a ton of yummy food.  I am so thankful to be able to have a way to contribute to our family's income, yet stay at home with my kids!  I love it!

The concert was held at a Wal-Mart Shareholders Event where there were MANY booths serving foods & giving away samples from their brands.  It was really fun.

This was Kraft's presence there:  The Kraft Food Truck.

They had some great food to try.

Friends, this is a Mac & Cheese sandwich.  Crazy.  It was pretty good!

The also had Bacon Dogs.  Like a regular hot dog, but with bacon in it.  That's why this guy is smiling:

This is the bacon dog.  They covered it in Queso Blanco.  

It's one of their new Velveeta Toppers:

Ok.  It was pretty good.

You can find some more pretty cool recipes on Kraft's website.

While I was off stuffing my face, Joey & Rory were signing autographs & taking pictures with people.  I got a couple for myself & a friend who is a huge fan of theirs.

I was hanging out with fellow blogger Sarah White author of Our Daily Craft & their daughter Heidi:

Heidi also sings.  You can check her out here.  

After we had happily gorged ourselves at the Kraft food truck, we made our way around to the various other booths there.  Part of the booth activity for the Dr Pepper group was a photo booth, so you know we had to sit for a photo:

Boy did we end up with a lot of loot from all the different companies!  Super fun day.

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Kraft on Twitter.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I am going to try making those mac 'n cheese sandwiches for my kids!

  2. What a good time! And those bacon dogs, um, yum! And with queso too? Mmmm....

  3. I think the Queso Blanco is the key to the bacon dog. Awesome combo.



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