Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Day I Let My Kids Go Crazy!

It was one of those moments.  You know the ones, all day long when your kids say something like, "Mom, can I please eat ALL the candy?"  "Mom can I PLEASE, please PALEESE run around outside in the thunder and lightning?"  Except this time it was, "Mom, I got a little bit wet, but it is SO FUN.  Can I please play in the mud?!?"  I almost instantly said, "NO WAY!!!"
Something stopped me though, because it was one of those moments when I think to myself, it could go 2 ways here:  It could be just another day or 
it could be the BEST DAY EVER!!!

You see, it had rained and there's this place where there used to be a tree & we haven't done a good job of filling it back in yet.  So, as you can see below, there was quite the little mud puddle hole.  

You'll notice petals in the hole because my son had de-flowered my daughter's recital roses just before this, so we added those to the mud puddle.

 My son brought the mud over into their playhouse (of course) to bake some mud pies - because that's what you do, when you playing in mud puddles.

I think the kids were both:
- in shock that I was letting them make such a mess & get so messy
-intrigued, interested & excited to get to explore and play in such a crazy way

As their playing started to wind down, I started thinking about clean-up.  I would need to clean up the backyard & also keep these crazies from bringing all this mud into the house.  So, I got the hose out!!!

And…we had a bunch more fun!!  See the rainbow on the bottom right?  After chasing them all around the yard and getting them screaming with giggles, I plopped them both in the tub while I set to cleaning toys, shoes etc:


I really have so much to learn about being a mom.  I have to learn to just CHILL & let them just be kiddos.  I am so uptight, but I know this & I'm working on it.  It is a journey & God is teaching me how to just…Let go.

Flower from my daughter.  

Can you relate?

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