Monday, May 20, 2013

Reclaiming Our Spaces: How 2 Organizers Start at Home

I'm excited to announce a new series which will post each Thursday.  

I've worked off & on as a professional organizer, but, since having my second child, I have found it really challenging to make the time to organize my own home.  I have lots of little clutter traps in corners of my home & they are making me crazy!!!  Can you relate?

So, I talked to a friend of mine who also works as a professional organizer about doing a series together tackling those areas of our homes each week.  Not only will it give us some motivation to focus on these areas on a regular basis, but we also plan to share tips, products & how-tos along the way.

Meet Holly:

 Holly & her friend Janet formed Simply Organized of NWA in 2007.  They started Simply Organized of NWA because they both LOVED organizing. She is also a representative for Clever Container organizing products.  You can view their products here.  Holly is the mother of 2 girls; ages 6 and 2.  She gets a little giddy at the completion of an organizing project because she simply loves it.  

I look forward to doing this series together!!

After we talked, I got real excited about it & started working on some things.  I organized my desk:

Drastically improved from before (I can assure you), but you can definitely still see my clutter ALL AROUND my desk/craft/sewing area!  

 After looking up online how you're supposed to organize fabric, I did this:

Yay!  So much more functional & pretty too.  Makes me want to sew something!!!!

Check back on Thursday when we tackle our first cluttered area.


  1. I'm looking forward to this series! I need help and don't know where to begin. Inspire me, please? (No pressure.)



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