Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Emeals App

At the Presley home, we use a meal-planning service called Emeals.  

You may have heard of it?  We have used it for about 2 years & have been very happy with it.  It's pretty inexpensive, and you get a meal plan & shopping list every week that is customized to your family.  You can choose which store you like to shop at &  what type of food you want to buy (whole foods, gluten-free etc).

Well, now they are making it even easier with an iPhone app.  Here are a couple shots from my phone:

Your meal plan:

emeals app meal planning

List of the week's meals to choose from:

emeals app meal planning

Break Down of each recipe:

emeals app meal planning

Shopping List:

emeals app meal planning

This is pretty helpful & awesome, isn't it mamas?


Disclaimer: I am an Emeals affiliate & do enjoy special benefits for that, but I chose do so because I have used & loved Emeals for the past couple of years.  Please know that my opinions are my own.

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