Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4 Blogs I Think You Should Know About

Hey y'all!   I am a blog FREAK.  I mean, I love to scroll through blog after blog and I'm also a bit of a Pinterest junkie.  I love finding out about new blogs that are about things I'm interested in.  It's always fun to find out about up & coming blogs that you might not have heard about before too, right?  Well, let me share some bloggers that I know personally & think that if you like my blog, you would probably like theirs too!  So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea) & ENJOY these crazy chicas!!

1)  The Busy Nothings

If you have followed this blog long, you may remember my friend Heidi who used to blog here.  Well, she has really developed her own blog a lot since then & she is kind of a big deal!!  She is seriously a gifted writer.  She blogs with a few other ladies & her blog covers a lot of territory.  It transparent, funny, soulful.  You WILL thank me later for this one ladies.  Follow The Busy Nothings on Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook.

ps:  You'll notice me in the last post

2)  Slightly Overcaffeinated

This blog is written by a friend of mine from college named Candy.  I loved her as soon as I met her.  She just got me.  There's nothing quite like that.  Reading her blog is like chatting with an old friend.  She is a stay-at-home-mama of 2 sweet girlies, she is a runner, she is hilarious, intelligent & transparent.    Follow Candy on Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook.

3)  Emily Out Loud

I have never actually met Emily, but she married an old friend of mine & we are online friends.  We share our hearts together, hold each other accountable, and inspire each other.  She is a passionate, Christian stay-at-home-mama of 2, and soon to be 3, kiddos.  It is her heart to be real and unashamed about her faith.  Her posts are challenging and inspiring.  Follow Emily on Pinterest & Facebook.

4)  SoFlo Home Design

This is my sister's blog!  You may remember her blogging here as well.  She is an Interior Designer in South Florida specializing in kitchen & bath.  She also maintains this super cute blog.  Follow her for design advice/tips! Follow Jamie on Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook.

There ya go!

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