Thursday, February 7, 2013


Let me tell you about something super cool.  If you're like me, the type who frequents consignment stores, thrift stores etc; looking for great deals for your kids, then you might really dig this new website.  

It's called thredUP and it's an online children's consignment shop.

  Super, right?

"Kids grow fast.  By age 17 a child has outgrown over 1,300 articles of clothing, and parents have spent upwards of $14K replacing clothes that are practically new."  thredUP

The way it works is ThredUP buys pre-owned clothing from families across the country & chooses only the best of those items & to resell online. 

Their website has the top brands you love.  Their prices start at $2.99 and are up to 80% off retail!  They have dependable quality that has passed inspection before it gets to your home.  All items are in "like new" condition.  New items are added all the time.

You can consign your own items too.  It's super easy:

1)  You order a free thredUP "Clean Out" bag on this website.  

2)  Fill the bag up with your child's used, but consignment quality clothes.  You can check out their standards here.

3)  Send in your bag(s) to thredUP for FREE using prepaid postage.  They give you  USPS & UPS shipping labels, so you can choose which is more agreeable for you.

4)  Earn Cash!  You get paid upfront for each item they think they can resell to other families on's website.

I love the idea of ordering it online.  They are set up with big Pinterest-esque pictures to view all the items:

It's so nice not to have to deal with the hassle of taking both kids around to the stores with me.  It can CRAZY sometimes!!!

Let me know if have used thredUP or if you do after this post.  Would love to hear about it!


  1. SCAM ALERT!!!! Do NOT send your clothes to ThredUp. Most of the clothes will not be accepted, some will be accepted and you will not receive the credit for it and you will not receive a fair price for the clothes you send. I sent a whole bag filled with treasures, including a pair of never-worn patent leather shoes still in the box, a never worn Corky & Co coat, and other new and hardly worn clothes I got $38.00. Less 2% for PayPal!

  2. I have used them and I have to say their payout it small compared to local places. Not to mention it takes a REALLY long time for the items to get to them and then for them to actually get your bag payout done. I've also ordered from them. The shipping was fast but the clothing quality was just okay. Makes me wonder how they can turn so many items away when the things they are selling are really just okay quality? Check out their Facebook before you order. You will see more people are unhappy than happy. I just stick with the local places and do my high end used shopping at They have great quality items and better prices.

  3. Thanks for your post, Jacqueline! We appreciate the shoutout! In reading some of the comments that readers have left on your post, we're always sorry to hear about customers who have disappointing experiences with us. We certainly invite KKLA and Anonymous to send a note to support@thredup so that we can help explain their payouts and also help address any items they received from our Shop that may have not met their expectations.

    While we're very excited to offer a service that allows parents to make money from their outgrown children's clothing, we must still be very picky in what we accept since all items are resold to other families and we work hard to maintain a high level of quality. Often times, we need to turn away clothing that has even small stains, rips, tears or other signs of wear that would make them difficult to resell.

    Again, thanks for the mention. We do appreciate it!


  4. Warning! is a complete fraud. They payout 10% or less even on new brand name clothing. They give you pennies for items they turn around and sell for $5-10. And that's only on items they accept. They claim they only want top name brands, but they only accept and sell lower brand name items, then the nice stuff "disappears." Not only are you not compensated, you have absolutely no chance of getting your stuff back. Do a quick Google search and you'll find how many people they've ripped off. You are better off selling to a consignment store or just donating for a tax receipt. And they are scamming mothers, no less! Take your business elsewhere.



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