Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Make a Fabric Headband

I have a friend who has been called a Fashion Fairy Godmother.  She even shared some of her lovely wisdom here giving her,  "top 3 recommendations to feeling and looking fashionable, but comfortable, on a smaller budget"  In #3, she mentions fabric headbands.  I concur.  In fact, here is a little tutorial for making said headbands:   

First, gather fabric, elastic band & some cute contrasting thread (I used black).).

Next, you'll need to decide how wide you want your headband.  I made mine 1 1/2" wide.  I allowed for 1/2 " on each side of that.  

Then I pinned it.

I pressed it.

Now, you're ready to sew.  I chose to a narrow zig zag stitch just for fun.  Just in case you've never done one, this is a picture of where your dial will need to be:

Now that you have sewed them all the way around you can cut a piece of elastic.  I used a pretty small piece; a little more than an inch.  I laid my piece under the two ends & just sewed a straight line down on both sides a few times to make it secure.

Here is the finished project:

Ta da! Cheap & easy Christmas presents!!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

What We Like to Do

I am one of those moms.  You know the ones; unkempt hair, late to things, messy car, general frazzled look.  This is tough business for me!  I have to work real hard to figure out what to do in any given day.  I lean heavily on Pinterest, blogs and other mamas for ideas/support.  For those of you out there who can relate, here are a few things that are working:

1)  Pom Poms!  We put them in containers, we throw them up in the air, we push them through small openings in plastic lids.  We sort them, we love them.  Most importantly, they love them.  Win.

2)  Hallway of Paper

I give them catalogs and magazines and let them tear all the pages out in the hallway between their two rooms.  We then store them in a plastic bag in the hall closet for next time.  The bag is full now, so it's extra fun to jump in, throw up in the air and just be crazy kids making a mess.  Yay for organized chaos.

3)  Bring the outdoors indoors for the colder months

We brought their climber inside my son's room, put the pool under the slide & filled it with balls.  So. much. fun. for them.

These are just 3 things that have been fun for us.  They feel like little mommy victories (miracles?)  Hopefully one or more of them will be wins at your house too.

*Please share any ideas that have worked for you too.  I'd love to do a follow-up post of other great ideas to help moms with toddler/pre-school aged kiddos.  Just email me.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Am a Mama First.

I haven't blogged much in awhile.  The main reason?  I am SO busy with these cuties:

I thoroughly enjoy our life together, but being a stay-at-home mama of two under four is HARD.  It has been a growing, learning, stretching time for me.  I feel as though I have been barely able to keep my head above water at times, but I love this.  I love being right where I am--aware of my weaknesses and a mess at times, but with them in every moment.  I don't want to miss anything in these precious few years that I have with them all to myself.  I am so grateful to God for His help--His faithfulness to help me become who I need to be for them and for His glory, too.

All this to say, I may be in a place where I am ready to start blogging again.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Tent is Up!

Sweet joy, the tent is finally up!

This is a pretty late Christmas present for Katie, but at least I finished.

 I am not a seamstress by any means, but I really wanted her to have a great tent that matched her room and wasn't hundreds of dollars.  So, here's what I could do and thankfully, she loves it.  Yay!!!

How we hung it.  Sewed a metal ring into top of tent & strung a ribbon threw it.  Tied that to this mini carabiner which we connected to a screw eye hook; which is anchored into a stud.


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