Monday, December 26, 2011

Short Tent Update

I decided to model Katie's play tent after this one:

These picture our from a tent made by her a woman who blogs from Norway. Her blog is called Mali-Mo. I cam across her blog on Pinterest and translated it with Google Translate.  I really enjoyed the whole thing.  Precious mom.  She made this for her daughter and I thought it was the best one I've seen.

I'm almost done with mine.  Here's a sneak peak:

Katie crib mobile used inside her play tent.

I will add more pictures later when she's a little more completed.  Until then, Have a happy year end!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Play Tents

...seriously cool.

Tent from the movie The Holiday

Ever since I saw the movie The Holiday with Jude Law & Cameron Diaz sitting under that precious play tent with his daughters, I've wanted to make one for my daughter!

Dreamy, right?

So, sometime between now and Christmas Day my husband and I are going to attempt to make our daughter a play tent; probably this weekend.  Maybe something like this that attaches to the ceiling:

2 Little Hooligans

Living with Punks

Or maybe even one like this.  It uses a card table as its base:

This is another fun idea, but wouldn't work for us in our set up:

Ohdeedoh (Kim Rakes)

Love the pockets in this tent:

We are leaning toward making a PVC frame, so we don't have to attach the tent to the wall.

Too ambitious?

We'll let you know how it goes!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Few Projects

Lately I have been busy with these two cuties.  I love my life.  Such joyful days with them.

Not much time for craftin'.  Though I have found time for a few projects:

Tie Onsie

Skinny Diaper Cake

Not so skinny diaper cake

Cupcake stand

Baby tutu

Tutu Dress/Fairy Costume


My precious Kate.  Love that girl!

I'm beginning to find more time to be creative without compromising my time with them.  I'm also enjoying introducing Katie to things she can do to be creative, too.

I believe that when we're creative, we glorify God who is the Creator of all things and made us this way for that end!

*If you have any questions about any of these projects or would like me to post a tutorial, let me know


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