Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get those creative juices flowing!!

Hello Hello!
It has been a while since I last blogged. Lots of changes lately and I had to get reorganized into a new place. Now that the crafts and fabrics are all organized I am ready to start a new project! My sister had her baby boy, Jackson last week!! Yay!!1 He is so adorable! So now it is time for me to start the quilt for him. I bought the fabric in December....slacking BIG time! When needing inspiration I browse through Let me share some things today that are getting my creative juices flowing.........<3
This lacy Tiara Ring is by
It is just gorgeous and has gold and silver fused together with a photo etched pattern. $270
Vintage Bloom graphics $48
Vera Rose pearl & ribbon necklace $39.50
Paris on Yellow! A collection of 9 5x5 photos $45
Nine 1/2 yard bundles for $40 Haven;s Edge print by Nina Givens
More from black/white/red collection

This sweet Emma Pillowcase dress $25 Custom to any size you need!
Funky metal cuff bracelet for $48

Personalized stamped sterling silver jewelry $36
Teal Hobo in this gorgeous Anna Maria Horner fabric called Shadow in teal $38
And my FAVORITE--this vintage scarf quilt!!! Freakin fabulous!!!!

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