Monday, January 10, 2011

Life in 1,082 Sq Ft: Office Space

Confession #1

My house is 1,082 square ft.  We are in the process of selling it, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen before baby #2 gets here in April

Confession #2

I'm about to freak out for lack of space!!

All that to say, this is the beginning of a group of posts entitled:

My first project will be adding function & reducing clutter in my living room.  Here is the before:

We need to add a little function for me & my husband.  We have a little make-shift office for my husband in the corner, but it's crowded.  I also have no where in the house for my sewing machine, Cricut, printer etc.  I have some ideas, but would love to hear yours as well.  One thought I had was getting two 4ft Lifetime tables & run them against the back wall to create one long desk...Thoughts?!


  1. First, if that's clutter please don't ever come to my house, which incidentally is 1400 sf.
    Second, what is a Lifetime table? *heads over to Google*

  2. Lifetime table: Just one of those collapsable tables. White on top. Saw a good deal on them at Sam's Club the other day.

    Clutter was completely picked up for the photo : )

  3. I'd suggest hiding a small folding table in your bedroom closet for your sewing machine and cricut. That way you can hide the mess without cleaning up before your project is done and you can keep the kiddos away from your stuff. I have no idea if you have extra closet space but it sure has worked for us with our computer.

  4. I actually thought about that Rachel. Just not sure if a table would fit in there...wondering also about electricity. Maybe I should think on that.

  5. Ah, you have my sympathies! We snuggled our two plus ourselves into 1,100 SQFT — part of which was under construction for, oh, three years — for eight months. I didn't realize until we moved how stressed out it made me to try and coordinate naptimes for a three-year-old and an infant who had to share a room!

    How about an armoire with a pull-out desk? Good luck and happy nesting!

  6. I vote for tables along the back wall, and maybe DIY a little skirt to hide all the cords (and all the other things I would be tempted to shove under there!) That way it should be easy clean up for showings, hopefully?

  7. Second try at posting.

    I like the versatility of collapsible tables, plus you can always fold them up and put them away when you need space.

    If you go that route, I just thought of some short, lockable filing cabinets on wheels that I saw at Walmart last year. You could roll them out of the room when you fold up the tables and locks would keep curious fingers out of your scissors and needles.



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