Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Of Ugly Fireplaces and Shoes Galore (Design Challenge!!!)

I'm the first person to chime in with design ideas when I visit a friend's house... with or without invitation! :) But sometimes for my own house I just hit a wall mentally and can't seem to get stuff done. Anyhoo this post is in 2 parts today:

1. For real ya'll my fire place is ugly. It's the late 70's early 80's of using slightly pink/mauve colored bricks outside and in a house. I've been trying to decide what color and when to paint it. (Trying to convince my husband has also proved to be a challenge!) Jacqueline sent me a picture of a fireplace that she said reminded me of mine and I was intoxicated with copying the picture for my own place-

Cottage Instincts

I think that mine will look great once it's finished. Our neighbor does wood working and we think we'll hire him to make a custom wrap around mantle on three sides. It will be simple and probably shorter on the sides so people don't bang their heads on it. My husband already bangs his head on the one we have. I also need something to put on either side of the actual fire place. OH and we are soooo going to either paint or get a new fireplace door!! My fireplace looks like this:

**You got a little preview in that picture of something that will be a fun craft post to follow in a few days!!

2. So the second part is a design challenge! I need some HELP PLEASE! I have this floor area when you walk in my door that is the catch all for all our shoes, hats, coats, back packs and JUNK. I need to have an organized area that can hold it all. On top of that I would like to have a pretty entry way, like with a table and something that just POPS when you walk in. I don't know how to accomplish this. I need some input from you other designers and wanna-be's like me! :) Please, PRETTY PLEASE leave some helpful comments or just e-mail us and I'll do another post with your ideas!

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  1. Fireplace: I think you should totally build a seat along the bottom. You can put all kinds of stuff on there. Decorations, your own bottom, baskets...no tellin' what else!

    Entry: If I were to put a table somewhere, I'd but it on the backside of the fireplace. To the right you do some built-ins. Like storage benches or cabinets with place to display on top??



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