Monday, December 20, 2010

"Green" Christmas gift tags (EASY!)

Everyone likes to talk "Green" and recycling these days and in the spirit of reusing (and having a tiny Christmas budget) I came up with this idea.

What you will need:
Spray adhesive, old Christmas tissue (I like the cute decorative kind. I smooth it out with my hands before use) or wrapping paper, old cardboard gift boxes, scissors, hole puncher, silver sharpie, other colored markers, black pen

1. To start, spray the adhesive on the white side of the cardboard gift boxes. I usually have several Kohl's or Macy's boxes waiting to be re-used. Lay the tissue paper (recommended) or wrapping paper on the sticky side and let dry.

2. Once dry, cut up the box into the size of tags you are wanting.

3. With the black pen, sketch out the shape of a wreath, a bell, a stocking, etc. It doesn't have to be perfect! (see below pics. click to enlarge) I wrote Merry Christmas in a scripty way then darkened it in a little. With the markers, fill in some color, but not too much. With the silver sharpie, make little embellishments!

4. With the hole punch, make a hole, being careful not to do it too close to the edge or it won't tie on properly to a ribbon. I have made that particular mistake on a fairly regular basis!

5. Attach them to gifts and prepare to be surprised at how much people notice and comment on them!!! :)

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