Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kitchen sinks

Just a quick blog today about a new trend I saw from Elkay co. I know all the HOG fans will appreciate this post!

In 2009 Elkay introduced a new stainless steel sink series called the “Statement.” Statement sinks sport an etched surface, providing numerous creative, complementary patterns on the sinks’ side walls. Utilizing the same Statement etching technology, Elkay now offers select NCAA school logos!

Visit or peruse the Elkay Fall Presentations 2010 brochure for more information on the ten school logo-emblazed sinks.
Great idea for a bar sink or just having some fun with school spirit!! Have a great weekend ya'all! Go Pigs!!!! Soooooooie! xxoo

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  1. What a great sink! You asked where I get the brooches for the frames...I get most of them at Dallas Market, but some online on Ebay. There is not much around here. Although, Hobby Lobby got in some brooches and candle bling that looks pretty good, so you might check there. Love the fall ribbon wreath you made...Thanks for stopping by, Kristen



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