Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Local Places to Craft/Sew/Fun

With the holidays season right around the corner I get excited about all of the possible crafts I can create! I often look for local listings of craft workshops, sewing classes, demonstrations at local Home Depots or craft shows. I also look online for videos to offer me some direction with conquering those little sewing techniques that I am clueless about! Soon I will be hosting a Craft Night with some of my girlfriends. A night of crafts, cocktails/coffee and gossip!! Ohhh sooo cozy!

I have researched my local area for classes and workshops that you can take advantage of in you live in the South Florida area. Here are a few gems!
1.) Quilters Choice: 561-747-0525 in Jupiter, FL Great girls own this shop and everyone is always very friendly!
They offer all types of sewing classes that range in price from $20-$60: Beginner quilting, Basket classes, Gift Box class, Embroidery, Green Bag many great sewing projects to learn and have fun with. The new calender came out and most classes start in October but continue through December.
2.) Laura's Sewing and Vacuum 561-799-5228 on Northlake
Sew Like A Pro Classes $80 for 3 weeks at night to learn to sew an apron or throw pillows
These classes start in October. Call for more details.
3.) in Boynton Beach. This is a cute boutique for artsy gifts that also offers classes in the store for jewelry making, pottery and glass designs. 561-737-2600
4.)Lunch with Celebrity HGTV Interior Designer Michael Payne April 15

Now places to craft in Fayetteville, AR area:
1.) Stamping and Card Making Oct.2 Siloam Springs, AR
Contact: Jessica the organizer at
2.) is a great resource to find local people to meet up with that enjoy the same arts and crafts that you do!
3.) is a sewing center in Fayetteville who offer classes in both the Ft. Smith location and Fayetteville location.
4.) Sit'n & Stitch'n Quilts 479-935-4884 They are a quilt shop that offer a variety of classes. They will be closed in October because they are relocating. But stay in touch through their Facebook page

Get your friends together and have some fun! Pick a project that everyone can do and each person can bring something to the group that can be shared. It's fun to get other people's input and get all the creative juices flowing!! Our Crafts-Cocktails & Gossip night will be some time in October. I will be sure and post some pics of our fun and the projects we design!!


  1. I think I'm going to plan one too!! Great idea!!

  2. This is my favorite time of year. 3 fun holidays to decorate and craft for!! Great ideas, thanks for sharing!



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