Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh the paperbilities!

I love paper! No really, I have a paper obsession! I love all the patterns and textures and colors. I am a scrapbooker, but that is only the beginning for me. I have a paper project in almost every room of the house and I am sure when I am done it will be every room.

I recently redid our bedroom and this is the artwork I made for above our bed. I am a renter, so I paint canvases instead of my walls. It's not the same, but it'll do.

I love creating my own art work for a few reasons: it's original, it's cheaper, it's more fun and you can make it to match your space perfectly! (I have a habit of picking color schemes that are not often carried in Wal-Mart or Target, which are pretty much the only stores in my price range.)

All of the above pieces of art are simply painted canvases with paper designs, cut out by my mother's Cricut and glued on with Mod Podge. I know some people think the Cricut is cheating, but I don't lose any sleep over it. I can't say I recommend buying one cause they ain't cheap, but if you know someone who owns one, I suggest bartering with them to use it for a day or a week.

These I made for my daughter's room. I thought if I ever had a girl, I would do ladybugs, but when she came out she was given so many adorable outfits with fruity patterns in bright colors, I just fell in love with the idea.

My original plan was to make 3 square canvases with a different piece of fruit on each, which would have been SO easy. But I needed to do a larger canvases to cover the breaker box on the wall, so it took me much longer to block out my design. Also on these, I used ribbon, rick-rack and buttons for added texture and adorableness!

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  1. So fun Rachel! I would love to learn to make something like this? I have a scripture I want to put in Katie's room. Can you teach me?



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