Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Old House: Bathroom

I live in a house built in the 1950s.  We were thrilled to buy our first house and gladly took on a fixer-upper.  Goodness.  It was more work than we thought!  It had hardly been updated AT ALL since it was built.  Less than that 1000 square ft in the main part of the house.  3 10x10 bedrooms, very few outlets, and one very tiny bathroom,  Let's start with that.  Here is a picture from before the remodel.  Believe it or not, it was MUCH worse when we first moved in.  Imagine bright teal walls!

And after....

LOVE my new bathroom!


  1. Great new bathroom! thanks for sharing. Donna

  2. Wow! It sure does! Even the window. It turned out great! The process was so exhausting wasn’t it? I swear, I kept finding plaster dust in the oddest spots.
    Thanks for the comments-



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