Friday, July 23, 2010

Love fabric? Try quilting!

I love FABRICS! I can appreciate many designs, lots of color and something that stands out in a room. My love for fabrics lead me to quilting. I know--sounds like an old lady's idea of fun. It all started with a "Jelly Roll" of fabric I found while spending Christmas in Vermont. I was in a local shop and kept eyeing this roll of fabric. I wasn't sure what it's purpose was--but I wanted to buy it.

(My first quilt)

After asking some questions I found out it was for quilting. I was intrigued. My sister was about to have a baby girl and I thought--I could make a crib quilt! This could be my special gift to my niece! My boyfriend bought me a sewing machine for Christmas.....signed up for a few a lot on-line.....and I was off and running!!

You can find many free patterns online and many YouTube videos for guidance. These are free tools that really helped me. search for local quilting shops to meet quilters and find classes. Usually cost around $50 for a 5-8 week class.

Another great tip is to buy fabric that is already pre-cut for quilting. You can find pre-cut squares. I shop and do a search for "pre-cut fabric". This will save you lots of time and sore fingers.
Remember--practice makes perfect!! It takes many mistakes to learn this craft. I am still very new and learning slowly. I hope to learn a lot more about sewing and make some more quilts for my Katiepie!! XXOO

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