Friday, June 7, 2013

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Bathroom! BELATED

Ok, it's that time again to gather up the gusto to conquer another clutter corner!  I will say that I have to FIGHT to maintain my previously organized areas.  I will keep fighting for them though because they bring so much peace & joy!

So, today is my bathroom.  So easy for me to trash this room (with the help of the 3 other people in my house).  You would think that the master bath would be easier to maintain, since the kids have their own bathroom, but no.  I think it's worse now than when we had one tiny bathroom for our whole house:

Here's what it gets like now in my much more ample bathroom space:

I think our biggest problem is that we are not using our good storage.  We leave everything out on the counter!

Toys left in the tub from the kiddos, clothes left out, typical junk drawer & everything shoved in the bottom of the bathroom closet.  It's so crazy, but I know some of you can totally relate!

Under the cabinet.

I have lots of organizing tools!  I just need time & a plan to get it together, ya know what I mean?  This series is my accountability to get it done finally.  

I have to tell you that this project was quite the undertaking!  As much as I wanted to have it ready on Thursday right on time---THERE WAS NO WAY.  I would also love to tell you this project is completely finished, but I do still have a pile to sort through.  Real life folks!

It is already soooo much better though...

Didn't really have to do much to my husband's side, but straighten it up & get his items off the counter.

I basically chucked 1/2 of what I had under my sink.  A bunch of junk!  This is what was left.

This is now the inside of my drawers.

And the closet is so much prettier!!!

These cute black & white bins are from clever!!

It's so nice to have order & a place for everything.  Makes me want to be in there more often.  Kinda weird to say that about your bathroom.  ha!

I dig it!  Hopefully it inspires you to take something on at your house too.

Here's some more organizing inspiration via Holly.  This week she took on her garage.  Yay Holly!!!

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  1. Good job, it's all so much better. I bet you love stepping in there every single time! I like your make-up drawer :)



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