Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Office/Craft Area

Hello & Happy Thursday to you!

Today is the first of many Thursday posts for our new series:

In my introduction post I had started working on my desk & organizing my sewing fabric.  This area is a big project!  So, I decided to continue there & really TACKLE it.  

So, this is what it looked like under my sewing machine:

I was just stacking & shoving things in bags; out of either just feeling lazy or lack of time to a better job.  That's no longer good enough for me.  Just seeing the clutter there stresses me and just makes me feel tired because it is one more thing I need to take care of.  
Well, no more.

Ahhhhh.  Peace.  One bag under there was basically just trash, so I made sure I kept a trash bin under there that I can easily pick & take to the trash.  Another was little random things that need to go somewhere else, so I finally put all those things away where they belong.  I kept a little bucket to collect things, but not big enough to stack things in!  
I don't want a repeat of what I was doing.  The other huge bag under there was yet MORE sewing fabric.  So, I put it all away in this cabinet.  It's doors were being blocked by that bag of fabric, so there was no way fabric was going to be put away in there. Now the doors are unblocked.  Yay!

I couldn't stop there because, after putting the fabric into the cabinet, I was faced with this beast:

Even though things were fairly organized in here,  It just felt chaotic.  So, I decided just to grab a few matching bags to put everything in, so it seemed more put together/streamlined.  These are not my permanent solution, but we can still get things organized while we save up for more fancy bins and organizers, can't we?  Here's how it looks now:

Can you tell where I shop?  Ha!  
Anyway, it's not perfect, but it's definitely less crazy on the eyes while I save up for organizers more suited for sewing supplies.  In the process, there was a bunch I just threw away because I realized it was unusable or the project was never going to happen.  Also, I had a lot of, "Ooh, I forgot about these!!!"  So, that was fun.

The last thing I tackled was next to my printer which is above this cabinet & and all the sewing clutter sprinkled around that general area.  

Here's what it looks like now:

I used a large magazine file to hold the paper packets & just relocated everything else.

Here is the top of the sewing machine table:

I also cleared out this drawer nearby to hold some supplies.

Here it is now:

Yes!!! All straight.  It's so inviting to come into a space that is clutter-free & you can find things you need to use.  So peaceful & inspiring!

It's also so much more doable breaking it into small pieces that can be conquered during nap time or after the kids are in bed. 

Holly worked in this area too this week & you can see her work on her blog here.
Here's a quick pic of clean & straight desk:

clever container holly simply organized nwa desk

Come back next Thursday for our next organization project!


  1. Great job! My favorite is your drawer! Ooh! Very sexy now! I also loved that you embraced the fact that you naturally put little somethings by your feet so you put a container there. That means you're not fighting yourself and are clued in to your natural instinct and organizing that way. Good stuff & feels good huh?



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