Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Make a Fall Floral Arrangement

I saw this super cute fall floral arrangement at Daisies & Olives flea market in Prairie Grove. I loved everything about it except the price....$85.00!

So I went to Oop's in Tontitown to see what I could find. I wanted something unusual to put the arrangement instead of the standard basket or vase. I found this wooden birdcage for $10.00.

And then bought sticks, flowers, greenery, and moss.

First I put the floral base inside.

Then went outside to fill the cage with 2 bags of moss.

I started putting the tall pieces in first.

Then filled the sides and top of the birdcage with the greenery and flowers.

Here is the finished product:

Inside on the dining room table:

The draping greenery and fun flowers really make this arrangement. I will probably place pumpkins around the base as soon as I can find some for sale.

The total cost was $30.00 which is much better than $85.00! And personally I think my arrangement is MUCH cuter! Have fun making your own fall floral arrangement!


  1. Marietta....GREAT JOB!!! I'm totally impressed and I DO like it much more than the $85 one...You are such a talented woman! :-)

  2. Yours is much more beautiful. Great job!



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